Enneagram for Writers

The enneagram is such a wonderful tool for those of you in the business of creating and developing characters. The best characters are those who feel real, have depth, don't rely on clichés, and who your audience truly identifies or connects with, loves... or hates! As writers you have the challenge of creating a variety of personalities that fit this description, as well as weaving a complex network of credible relationships. If you would like to add a richness to your writing that comes from a greater understanding of human experiences, then you will love my services created especially for writers. 

1-1 Consultation

If you want to take a deep dive into a particular character (or several!) then let's have a 1-1 session where we go over their type, backstory, internal and external conflicts, and think about how they might respond in certain situations based on this understanding. Consultations are charged at £70 per hour and you will receive a written summary of the session afterwards.


My workshops for writers provide an overview of the enneagram system and each type, childhood patterns, responses to stress, similarities/differences and common sources of conflict, as well as exploring the 'dark side' of each type for a bit of dramatic effect. You also get the benefit of hearing from other writers, and hopefully discover more about your own type!

Feedback on Drafts/Outlines

If you want someone to read over plot/ character outlines or parts of a draft and provide feedback on personality consistency, or specific questions you might have about how to flesh out certain scenes or descriptions, I do this with an enneagram lens. You might know what type you want a character to be, or for me to offer suggestions based on existing content.


What others have to say about their experiences


First time author

"Consulting with Rebekah has made a huge difference to my writing. It's helped me to produce richer, more authentic characters, whose behaviours, thoughts, and interactions are more consistent and more human. She also helped me to consider my full cast and see where gaps or overlaps might be in terms of personality, with an eye to shaping future plots."

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