Enneagram Coaching

Discovering and growing what makes you you

The Enneagram is a model of personality which describes patterns in the way we experience the world. There are nine core types, different lenses through which we see the world. The enneagram focuses on your motivations and desires rather than your behaviour, so two people who look similar on the outside could actually need very different things.

What I love about the enneagram is that it doesn't stop at understanding where we are and how we got here - it offers a path for growth. When we understand what we do and why, and what our blind spots are, we can be more intentional about how we live. It's also hugely helpful for realising how we are different from other people, and valuing these differences to improve our relationships. 

Whether you already know your type or are completely new to the enneagram, I would love to work with you to explore who you were made to be.

What can enneagram coaching help with?

Enneagram coaching can help you to:

  • Understand yourself and others better 
  • Discover your strengths and unique abilities, and how to make the most of these
  • Improve your relationships - personal and professional
  • Get out of unhelpful cycles and overcome self-limiting beliefs

Can I find out my type by doing a quiz?

There are questionnaires that you can do to give you an idea of what your type might be, but none of them are 100% accurate and reliable; it's easy to 'mistype' and to not understand how the results apply to you. The enneagram is complex - because so are we! This is why I would recommend discovering and exploring your type with someone who is qualified to do this in a person-centred way.  

Discovery Session

New to the enneagram, or not sure of your type? Start here to discover your enneagram profile. We'll begin by exploring why you're coming to the session so that the information I give can be tailored to your needs and goals.

Couples Discovery

If you want to discover your type with a partner, family member or close friend, this involves an individual typing session for you both, plus a third session where we think about what the similarities and differences between you mean for your relationship and how to make this connection stronger.

Growth Sessions

Already know your type and want to go deeper? Set your goals for this work and we'll go exploring together! You might want to focus in on personal or professional life, to do sessions on your own or with someone else if your goals are relational.

See my FAQ page for prices.


What others say about enneagram coaching


Discovered her type with Enneagram Psychology

"My enneagram sessions have given me a totally new understanding of myself. In gaining an understanding of why I feel or act the way I do, I was able to decide which of those are strengths of mine and which are things I now have the option to consciously change. Having had various other therapy in the past, this was the first one I left feeling I had a very clear sense of how to take things forwards and make some change. I am now recommending this to friends of mine who are feeling stuck or lost in any area of their life. I can't recommend Rebekah enough - her warmth and kindness put me at ease from the very first moment."

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