I'll be honest: once I stopped watching 'Newsround' as a kid I've not really paid much attention to the news. I sort of assume that if there's anything I need to know, my husband will fill me in. This isn't because I don't care or am not interested in what's going on in the world - quite the opposite, give...

Call to mind a time when someone has treated you with true kindness; a time when you've felt seen, cared for, and important. When you haven't felt alone, because someone is there with you, in whatever situation you're in. How did they speak to you? How did they look at you?

'Arrows' is the term given to the internal lines that join your type on the Enneagram to two others. These are often referred to as the growth and stress paths, or directions of integration and disintegration. On the diagram, the arrow direction shows the stress/disintegration direction - so to find the type you move to in growth/integration, go...



How do I know I've found my "right" Enneagram type?

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